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ANAHEIM – Taylor Ward played third base when he came to the majors in 2018 and again in 2019, so we wondered if the Angels outfielder could return to that position now that third baseman Anthony Rendon is out for the season.

That question was answered with an emphatic no on Monday.

Ward said he hadn’t worked third in years. The few ground balls he took in the infield during spring training were early.

“I feel like I’m helping the team better in the outfield,” Ward said. “I feel like I’m much better there. I’m open to any discussion they have, but I like right field. I like the outfield.

Ward struggled defensively in third place in the majors, which is why the Angels moved him to the outfield, where he was much better.

Manager Phil Nevin also said there had been no discussion of Ward’s move.

“He’s one of the best right-backs in the game,” Nevin said. “He’s been moved throughout his career and you know in an emergency I know he can do things but Taylor is up front and he’s going to play on the right pitch and we feel really good. on this subject. He’s rebounded a lot in his career, position-wise, and right now with the feeling of comfort in the right field, we’d like to keep him there.

Chief executive Perry Minasian, who spoke with the media on Monday, said the front office would look outside the organization for help, just as it does for all positions all the time. .

“We are always trying to make improvements,” Minasian said. “We’re always looking for ways to improve this club from the outside, from the inside. Matt Duffy (third) at the moment. He’s got a pretty good career record. It’s been a pretty good career so far So we expect him to be productive and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Inside third options also include Tyler Wade and Luis Rengifo.

The trade deadline is Aug. 2 this year, and Minasian said any trade talks would likely gain momentum closer to that date.


Outfielder Jo Adell had a brief stint on his second major league trip in the Angels’ final homestand. Minasian said he’s impressed that Adell continues to progress.

“I think (he’s improved) on base run, defense, offense,” Minasian said. “He’s a very young player. I think for him it was really important to keep batting every day. He’s going out there and he’s had the right attitude. That’s what’s really impressive. We’ve all seen certain players in the past who go up and down and can have a certain type of attitude towards Triple-A, they might not necessarily work or perform the way they should and he’s been the exact opposite. been awesome. It’s a testament to him and his makeup.

Adell hits .200 with an .820 OPS at Triple-A. He hit .250 with a .693 OPS in the majors.


Infielder David Fletcher (hip surgery) said he was running, throwing and hitting flips and off a tee. He still hasn’t taken any bullets on the ground, but it will be soon.

Fletcher said he expected to do a rehab assignment, which could still be “a few weeks away.”

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