Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he was ‘misled’ by police over his response to Uvalde school attack: ‘I’m livid’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he is ‘livid’ he was ‘misled’ by police over his response to the Uvalde school attack that killed 19 students and two teachers.

The politician admitted that his earlier statements about law enforcement’s reaction to the massacre were wrong, but that he had just repeated what he had been told.

“The information given to me has proven to be, in part, inaccurate,” he said, insisting that the situation would be “thoroughly and comprehensively” investigated.

“Yes, I was misled. I’m furious with what happened,” he told a press conference in Uvalde on Friday.

“Families whose lives have been destroyed need answers.”

And he added: ‘Law enforcement will earn the public’s trust by ensuring they thoroughly and comprehensively investigate exactly what happened.’

Mr Abbott’s stark admission came hours after a senior Texas police official admitted Uvalde officers made the ‘wrong decision’ while waiting outside the classroom where 21 people had been killed, rather than storming it.

Col. Steven McCraw, director of the state Department of Public Safety, said police should have arrested Salvador Ramos immediately, rather than waiting 40 minutes for a tactical unit and additional equipment.

On Wednesday, the day after the attack, Mr Abbott told a press conference that the police had prevented an even worse tragedy thanks to their “rapid response” and praised their actions.

“The reality is, as horrible as what happened, it could have been worse. The reason it wasn’t worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do,” Mr. Abbott said at the time.

And he added: “They showed incredible courage as they ran towards gunfire for the sole purpose of trying to save lives.”

Colonel McCraw admitted that according to Texas police training standards, officers are not supposed to wait for a tactical backup before neutralizing an active shooter, and that there were enough officers on the scene to have been able to stop the shooter.

“When it comes to active shooter, you don’t have to wait for tactical gear,” he said, “adding, “There were plenty of officers to do what needed to be done. .

As it stands, when an active shooting is declared, the police are supposed to get to it as quickly as possible and arrest the shooter.

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