The 10 Best Ray Liotta Movies, Ranked (According To IMDb)

Although people mostly know him as the star of Martin Scorsese’s modern mob classic Goodfellas, Ray Liotta has appeared in many forms of media. He has appeared in tons of TV shows, documentaries, and feature films after earning a BFA and starring in musicals during his earlier career.

While he acted in many films after the release of the critically acclaimed film Freedmenhe’s mostly been in supporting roles since then, in some really big movies including Marriage story in 2019. He also voiced Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Today we will look at the most recognized achievements of this decorated talent.

Updated May 26, 2022: Ray Liotta has died aged 67. The Primetime Emmy Award winner was in the middle of filming the next movie Dangerous waters alongside Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley.


ten Land of Cop (1997) – 7.0

Ray Liotta in Cop Land (1997)

The only real problem with cop lands What many reviewers may have discovered is that its characters and plot don’t quite fill the film’s runtime as well as they should. The film tells the story of Freddy Hefflin, a sheriff who lives in New Jersey and always wanted to be a member of the NYPD.

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As he begins to investigate the crimes taking place in his hometown, he realizes that the NYPD cops who live in his town are committing and orchestrating crimes – which they then cover up – and he decides to get righteousness itself.

9 Dominick and Eugene (1998) – 7.0

Dominick and Eugene kiss

Dominique and Eugene features Ray Liotta side by side with Tom Hulce. It is a drama that tells the story of a troubled relationship between two twin brothers, usually called Nicky and Geno.

Nicky has some sort of learning disability that is never really specified, and Geno spends most of his time looking after his brother. As the film progresses, we see their relationship grow more and more complex until it finally reaches a breaking point.

8 John Q (2002) – 7.0

John Q General Ray Liotta

John Q is actually a movie directed by a screenwriter for another movie on this list, Blow, named after Nick Cassavettes, who is also an accomplished actor. It tells the story of the titular John Quincy Archibald, a man who cannot afford a heart transplant needed to save his son’s life.

Since he can’t afford the insurance he has, he decides to go to the hospital and use force to make sure the surgery is done. Ray Liotta plays Gus Monroe, a police chief overseeing the situation.

seven Narc (2002) – 7.1

Narc Ray Liotta

Narc is a feature film in which Ray Liotta plays Henry Oak, an unstable detective who has been paired with the protagonist, Nick Tellis. Nick is an undercover narcotics agent, doing his best to find out who was behind the murder of a deceased police officer while investigating a drug operation.

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The deeper they travel into the seedy underbelly of society, the more likely their relationship and job will crumble due to some unethical behavior they indulge in and some secrets that are exposed.

6 Identity (2003) – 7.3

Identity Ray Liotta John Cusack

Identify is a slasher movie that’s presented in a really interesting way, slipping into more context as the movie goes on, mostly before the characters arrive at their destination. The movie isn’t quite in chronological order, allowing for even more surprises throughout the main story and its B story.

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It is an adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel, although it is not straight forward and the novel is more of an inspiration rather than just source material. Ray Liotta plays an escaped convict in disguise.

5 The Place Beyond the Pines (2012) – 7.3

Place beyond the Liotta and Bradley Cooper pines

The place Beyond the Pines is a neo-noir with many compelling themes and a plethora of different glitches across 3 different storylines.

While the movie itself isn’t exactly connected when it comes to the various storylines aside from the third connecting to the first two, they all share being explorations of the relationships fathers have with their sons, and of toxic masculinity and its effects. on families. Ray Liotta plays Deluca, a corrupt detective under whom Bradley Cooper’s character works.

4 Field of Dreams (1989) – 7.5

Field of Dreams Shoeless Joe Jackson Ray Liotta

field of dreams is a relatively popular sports fantasy film that even many viewers long after its release are likely familiar with. The film also entered the Library of Congress as culturally significant.

The film stars Kevin Costner as a father estranged from his own father and believed to communicate with Shoeless Joe (played by Ray Liotta), a baseball player his father idolized, who tells him how to reconcile with his father.

3 Blow (2001) – 7.5

Johnny Depp, Ray Liotta blow

Blow is a nice fictional biopic about George Jung, a real cocaine dealer who was mostly active in the 70s and 80s, with an incredibly troubled life.

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While Johnny Depp plays George and Penelope Cruz is his main opposite, Ray Liotta also plays an important role, appearing as George’s father, Fred. George just begins smuggling cannabis, only to be lured in by the money involved in the cocaine trade.

2 Marriage Story (2019) – 7.9

Marriage Story Ray Liotta Lawyer

Marriage story is Noah Baumbach’s latest film, probably recognizable to most people through the meme image of Adam Driver banging on a wall.

The inherent meme potential aside, it’s a heartbreaking film that tells the story of a couple struggling with a divorce, which takes major influences from Ingmar Bergman’s film. Scenes from a wedding. Ray Liotta is part of the supporting cast, playing Jay Moratta, Charlie’s (Adam Driver) second lawyer.

1 Freedmen (1990) – 8.7

The Goodfellas Crew

Freedmen obviously at the top of this list. Although it’s not talked about as often as some of Scorsese’s other films, namely The Godfather and The Godfather IIthis film is a rather unique look at a subject that Scorsese has put under the microscope many times.

The film is based on true events, although some artistic license is taken. The film features Liotta as a star, portraying real-life Mafia associate Henry Hill and his struggle to find his place in the Italian organization.

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