The discovery of a dangerous virus in London’s sewers and the declaration of a state of emergency

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British health authorities have declared a state of emergency after the polio virus was found in London sewers at a sewage treatment plant in the London suburb of Picton.

The UK Public Health Agency said:UKHSAYesterday several interrelated polioviruses were discovered between February and May at a sewage treatment plant in the London suburb of Picton. These effects of the virus have been referred to as poliomyelitis virus type 2 “vaccine” (VDPV2). According to Sky News.

“Sky News,” quoting agency epidemiologist Vanessa Saliba, said, “Vaccine-derived polio virus can spread, especially in areas with low vaccination rates. In rare cases, it can cause paralysis in people who have not been fully vaccinated.”

As the channel indicated, the virus can reach the sewers of a person recently vaccinated against poliomyelitis in a country where the disease has not yet been eradicated, for example in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Nigeria.

The report states that if more samples of this virus are discovered in the future, the next level of emergency could be declared, where certain groups of people will be vaccinated and tests will be collected in areas where the polio virus is present. Was found.

It is the second case of the polio virus discovered in the UK in recent months, and the last reported case was in 1984.

Poliomyelitis is paralysis of the spine, an acute infectious disease caused by damage to the gray matter of the spinal cord by the poliomyelitis virus, and is mainly characterized by diseases of the nervous system.

There is currently no cure for poliomyelitis, but the disease can be prevented by vaccination.

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