The French government supports the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said the government would “unreservedly” support the pro-abortion bill

Politicians representing a parliamentary majority on Saturday voiced support for a bill enshrining the right to abortion in the French constitution, after the US Supreme Court revoked national legal protections allowing American women to abort their pregnancy.

Friday’s landmark ruling by the conservative-majority court overturned nearly five decades of constitutional abortion protections in the United States, allowing individual states to regulate the procedure.

France was one of many US allies to condemn the move, with President Emmanuel Macron denouncing a threat to women’s freedom.

“Women’s rights are always fragile rights that are regularly threatened,” Aurore Berge told France Inter radio.

“For all women, for human rights, we must engrave this gain in stone. Parliament must be able to unite massively around this text,” she wrote on Twitter.

The left-wing NUPES alliance and Macron’s Ensemble coalition would together command a large majority in favor of such a constitutional change.

The National Rally has long opposed abortion, but current leader Marine Le Pen has since presented herself as a defender of women’s rights and backed the status quo.

The legal period for terminating a pregnancy in France was extended from 12 to 14 weeks under the last legislature.

Changing the constitution obliges the National Assembly and the Senate to adopt the same text, then a three-fifths majority of the parliament sitting in congress. The other option is a referendum.

Originally published as French government backs constitutionalizing abortion

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