The grand finale of The Voice brings together more than a million viewers

Lachie Gill’s win last night sparked a firestorm of debate on social media and drew a wave of viewers.

Lachie Gill on The Voice (The Voice/YouTube)
Lachie Gill on The Voice (The Voice/YouTube)

The voices last night’s grand finale and winner’s announcement did it for Seven, drawing 1.163 million and 1.175 million national viewers respectively – and Lachie Gill’s victory generated buzzing activity on social media last night and this morning. Although those numbers may disappoint Seven as they weren’t quite as high as last Sunday’s 1.181 million for the penultimate episode.

Now the difference is only 12,000, but it’s still an intriguing shortfall. It shows an audience not really interested in watching the conclusion of the 2022 contest. But The voice was easily ahead of MasterChef Australia with 655,000, while Nine is unpleasant Celebrity Apprentice hung at 529,000. So that was Seven’s night easily, followed by Nine, Ten, the ABC and SBS.

barons on ABC at 8:30 p.m. brought in a measly 176,000. Ridiculous. Sunday afternoon football also fared poorly – the AFL game on Seven drew 386,000 viewers in all markets for all games; the NRL game, 379,000.

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