The iconic Dragon Boat Festival returns to Vancouver next month

The continent’s largest dragon boat festival returns to Vancouver next month, and it’s bringing some of the best local bands to the party.

The Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival takes place at Concord Pacific Place and Creekside Park on June 25 and 26, with racer-only events on June 24.

The city’s biggest dragon boat celebration includes the highly anticipated International Dragon Boat Races on False Creek, plus free concerts and cultural programming on the 102.7 THE PEAK main stage.

“As our event evolves alongside the city, we have reinterpreted what a modern dragon boat festival can be while respecting and amplifying our heritage,” said Dominic Lai, Director of Development, Marketing and operations for Dragon Boat BC, in a statement. “Although the festival is different from what it was thousands of years ago, we have returned to its main purpose of showcasing local culture and sport and uniting people to tell their stories.

“We are thrilled to share our platform with artists who reflect the diversity of our community on the 102.7 THE PEAK main stage and invite everyone to experience the rich cultural fabric of our community.”

The Zolas


The family-friendly event features performances by Vancouver indie rockers The Zolas, singer-songwriter Desirée Dawson, Squamish Nation artists Eagle Song Dancers and Coast Salish song and dance group Coastal Wolf Pack.

Desiree Dawson


The festival’s main stage lineup will also highlight Chinatown’s oldest traditional music ensembles and groups representing the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh communities. It is part of the Dragon Boat Festival’s goal to respect the roots where the event comes from and the protocols of the territories where it takes place.

Here is the schedule of events for 2022:

  • Saturday, June 25 — The Zolas, Hotel Mira, Mauvey, Children of Takaya, Dacey, Ludic, AHSIA, Eagle Song Dancers, Qing Yun Music Society

  • Sunday, June 26 — Desirée Dawson, Tonye Aganaba, Coastal Wolf Pack, COCO JAFRO, Best Night Ever, Niña Mendoza

Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival organizers also said there will be a big new addition to its lineup unveiled in early June, backed by Concord Pacific and the Province of British Columbia.

BC Dragon Boat


Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival 2022

When: June 24 to 26, 2022
Weather: Various times
Where: Concord Pacific Place, Creekside Park and False Creek, Vancouver
Admission: Free

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