The internet goes wild for Anthony Albanese’s son, Nathan

Anthony Albanese wasn’t the weekend’s only winner after his son Nathan made a rare appearance and captured the hearts of the internet.

Anthony Albanese wasn’t the weekend’s only winner after his son Nathan captured the hearts of the internet.

Making a rare appearance alongside his father on Saturday night, Nathan, 21, was hailed ‘Australia’s most eligible bachelor’ and a ‘very handsome man’ on social media as Scott Morrison conceded defeat.

Nathan’s last appearance alongside his father was on Saturday to vote, but had not been seen since the Labor campaign kicked off on May 1.

Nathan is the child of Albanese and his ex-wife, former NSW Labor MP Carmel Tebutt. The couple separated in 2019 after 30 years together.

Ms Tebutt was also seen alongside Nathan on Saturday night before stepping onto the winner’s podium with her father.

Speaking to ahead of the election, the Labor leader, asked if he had any ‘lucky charms’, revealed he had spoken to his son during the election campaign.

“I have a way of making sure I talk to my son every day,” he said.

“And for me, it’s a lucky charm. He is still studying. He is finishing his degree. He is 21 years old.

It is understood that Nathan divides his time between his mother and father and is unsure if he will move to Kirribilli House after the election victory.

“We are close, we live together. He also spends time with his mother. But I’m very proud of him. He has grown into a very good young man, and he will also be campaigning for me until 6 p.m. on Saturday,” Mr Albanese said.

In his victory speech, Mr Albanese called his son ‘the proudest achievement’.

“Thank you, mate, for your love and support,” he said.

“Your mother, who is here tonight, Carmel, we are both so proud of the caring, wonderful, intelligent young man you have become.”

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