The Ottawa Food Bank works to provide food to those in need

Rachael Wilson, executive director of the Ottawa Food Bank, said while the storm didn’t impact power at the Ottawa Food Bank, some did. partner agencies of the organization.

Ottawa Food Bank officials are working as quickly as possible to ensure residents in need have access to food following the severe storm that rolled through the nation’s capital on Saturday, May 21.

Rachael Wilson, Executive Director of the Ottawa Food Bank, said Sam Laprade’s show Tuesday, May 24 that while the storm did not impact power at the Ottawa Food Bank, the same did not happen to some of the organization’s partner organizations.

“We work with 108 different agencies and 28 of them are community food banks which are sort of traditional food banks and nine of them are without electricity which means all that food has to be thrown away,” said she declared.

She noted that co-workers in Banff had to throw away three freezers full of meat and two refrigerators full of food.

“We are working very hard to try to bring food back here to the Ottawa Food Bank to give food back to the community,” added Wilson.

Wilson said unlike the 2018 tornadoes, the most recent storm’s impact is more widespread.

“The tornadoes were a bit more concentrated in particular areas, and we’re seeing effects from Orleans all the way up to Stittsville…so it’s really across the city that we’re seeing needs,” she added.

Listen to Rachael Wilson’s full interview below:


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