The story of the final that changed Real Madrid’s shirt.. a meeting with Liverpool decades ago

And the Spanish sports newspaper said that Real Madrid had completely ditched their white uniform on the eve of this match, as they wore a uniform bearing the “Adidas” branding for the first time, as well as purple stripes in the sleeve area. and on the players. Pants.

The exchange of the Real Madrid uniform, according to ‘Marca’, was 17 million pesetas (the Spanish currency at the time), or around 102,000 euros.

The team presented the new uniform to the media on the eve of their meeting with Liverpool in Paris at the Intercontinental Hotel.

In the final game hosted by Princes Stadium, the new “Maringi” shirts did not carry the “Adidas” logo, due to European Football Association restrictions at the time preventing commercial advertising on the apparel.

Liverpool also had to cover the logo of English company Umbro with white patches.

Saturday’s game will give Liverpool the chance to avenge their loss to Real Madrid in the 2018 Champions League final, knowing that the ‘Reds’ have not lost since last March, and have only been beaten in three games this season, and have won two local titles. , despite losing the opportunity to win the English Premier League title. The Premier League on the last day of the season, while Real managed to win the Spanish League title a month before the end.

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