The suffering of patients and the disarray of doctors.. that’s what the “long-term Covid” did

Among those complaining of “long-term Covid”, American athlete and physical therapist Emily Caffey says she found herself suffering from fatigue, body aches and brain fog, despite more than two years since she contracted the Corona virus in March 2020.

And when this 36-year-old American, who lives in Chicago, hastened to carry out in-depth examinations to reassure herself and to know the causes, the results came naturally.

But Kafi, who wanted to get back to exercising and getting back to work as usual, was taken aback by how tired and exhausted she felt, until she had to ask for a vacation to take a break.

Researchers have carried out many studies on “long-term Covid” over the past two years, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, but infectious disease experts point out that we still know very little about it. puzzling state of health.

Scientists are scrambling to extract the reasons why a person suffers from “long-term Covid” symptoms, as well as possible ways to treat the disease.

Ezekiel Emmanuel, a bioethics researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, says there are questions today about the level of concern people should feel about the possibility of Corona virus infection, especially in light of the trend of most countries around the world to ease health restrictions.

The researcher, who was part of US President Joe Biden’s team of advisers on the epidemic, said: “People are acting as if the epidemic is over and is now a thing of the past, while the long-term Covid seems to resemble a disease such as high blood pressure.

On Tuesday, a study published in the journal “Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology” found that some people infected with the Corona virus continued to show symptoms 15 months after giving them the infection.

The researchers said that some people improved over time, but did not return to the normal life they were in before Corona infection.

A study published in the journal “Nature Medicine” found that people vaccinated against the Corona virus were no less at risk of “long-term Covid”, compared to people who did not receive the vaccine.

“Vaccines protect some people from Covid in the long term, but vaccination does not protect everyone,” said Ziad Al-Ali, an epidemiology expert at the University of Washington.

Currently, medical estimates indicate that between 10 and 30% of people who recover from the Corona virus, report symptoms of “long term Covid”.

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