The tide goes out for ABC surf drama Barons

Viewers largely disappeared once ABC’s new series hit TV screens.

Promotional image for Barons (Image: ABC iView)
Promotional image for Barons (Image: ABC iView)

It was Seven’s night with The voice (1.138 million) and Adele right after (691,000), beating Nine with Lego masters (885,000) and Ten with Chef (592,000). The ABC disappeared at 8:30 p.m. when barons fell to 227,000, which is about to plunge into the black. barons looks like he escaped from the At home and away breeding ground for bad ideas and is now infecting television sets.

The 90 minutes Insiders (for the election) managed to land another national top 10 with 611,000.

Regional Top 5: Seven News, 448,000; The voice, 369,000; Nine News, 323,000; 7 p.m. ABC News, 273,000; Lego masters233,000.

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