The Times program disrupts the first days of school

Microsoft’s online platform (Teams) crashed and service was discontinued in some classes yesterday.

Teachers and students in schools in the Eastern region therefore found themselves unable to enter distance learning courses, which resulted in the interruption of studies on the first day of the second semester.

Administrations of private schools have sent e-mails informing parents of students of a technical malfunction of the program which relies on distance study, which is the “Times” program.

In the letter, she said: “We draw your attention to the existence of a general state level problem in the Thames program, and communication with the appropriate authorities is underway to resolve this problem.”

An English teacher at a school in the emirate of Fujairah confirmed that the dysfunction facing most schools in the country is global, and not confined to specific reasons or belongs to school administrations or teachers, noting that teachers had difficulty entering the program and setting up meetings for distance learning courses during the first day of the second semester.

The teacher, Fatima Muhammad Ali, said that the first session went without technical problems, then the dysfunctions started to affect most of the classrooms from a distance, noting that she was faced with many questions of the parents share on the causes of the dysfunctions, and she explained to them that it is not related to the school or to a particular class, but rather It includes a large number of other schools, pointing out that he will repeat the lessons that the pupils could not follow on the first day of school. A public school administrator confirmed that a number of teachers complained of a malfunction that prevented them from joining meetings with students, and there were calls from parents asking why their children could not access the classroom remotely. , and we explained to them that the problem affected the majority of schools due to a malfunction. In the program, we have confirmed that the lessons will be repeated so that the students can resume their lessons.

The tutor of two students said his two sons were preparing to attend class on the first day of the second semester and during the first semester they began to experience frequent interruptions from the special program to receive the lesson remotely. , which called on him to communicate directly with the school administration, who assured him that the problem is technical and that they do not have the capacity to solve it, since the bug comes from the program itself. same.

He pointed out that the technical problem only lasted an hour and a half, and then his two sons finished their school day.

The tutor of an elementary school student at a private school in the Emirate of Fujairah said that when communication with the teacher was cut off, she believed that her daughter’s device suffered from a specific defect, until to receive an email from the class teacher informing her that the fault affected all students in the school.

She added that she could enter fourth grade until the end of the school day.

The tutor of four students at a public school stressed that she was unable to open her children’s lessons during the first lessons until the end of the school day.

• Private school administrations sent emails informing parents of a technical malfunction in the program.

• Principals have confirmed that they will repeat lessons that students were unable to take on the first day of school.

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