The Voice: Celestial Utai breaks his audition and the judges take off their shoes?

Ipswich local Celestial Utai floored the coaches with her mind-blowing blind audition on The Voice Australia.

The 22-year-old pulled off quite the feat as she got down to singing Beyonce’s hit Deja Vu, but blew all the hesitation out of the park as the judges started turning seconds into her performance.

Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian were the first to shoot, followed by Keith Urban and Rita Ora.

Along with a standing ovation from the audience, the superstar coaches showered her with praise. . . And shoes.

Celestial Utai received a standing ovation during The Voice's blind audition.
Camera iconCelestial Utai received a standing ovation during The Voice’s blind audition. Credit: channel seven

Mauboy seemed so overwhelmed by Utai’s rendition of Queen B’s track, that she pulled out her stylus and threw it on the floor while continuing to dance.

Sebastian followed the same idea by catapulting his basketball to the ground.

“I can’t really speak, it was crazy,” Ora said.

“It’s really quite admirable to see a woman your age being able to tackle such a big song.”

“It was technically ridiculous, really skillful,” added Sebastian.

“You are the greatest representation of The Voice, that’s what it’s all about.”

“You bared your soul with such a celebration,” Mauboy began, before being abruptly blocked by Sebastian who was ready to fight to bring Utai into his team.

“Those are cutthroat s…,” Ora said, as the remaining coaches battled to have the young wonderkid in their squad.

The Brisbane local then revealed she had brought a present for the coach she hoped to pick up if they turned.

Proud Samoan, Utai presented Sebastian with a traditional necklace, which represents respect and appreciation, as she declared herself his new team member.

Blind audition of Celestial Utai The Voice
Camera iconBlind audition of Celestial Utai The Voice Credit: channel seven

“Thank you so much, that’s so kind of you,” he replied, hugging Utai.

“You are a beast in the game,” added Ora.

But then Sebastian said they were “not quite done” as he moved closer to his chair and slammed the silver Battle Pass button that secured Utai a spot in his top six.

The young star is the second artist to get a Battle Pass this season.

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