The Voice’s final victory Lachie Gill ruined by social networks

From Lachie Gill’s first performance, he captivated Australia. But sadly, her win over The Voice was overshadowed.

Way to ruin a perfectly good time in Australia.

Clearly the people who got on their podium when Lachie Gill won The voice last night did not watch at all this season.

Yes, a white singer won – but he clearly deserved it.

From the moment the PE teacher took the stage for his blind audition, he captivated the audience and the judges, but the social media squad reared their ugly head and said he had simply won because he was white.

People called it white washing, but need we point out that he was the only white singer to have reached the final?

Lachie’s skin color is irrelevant. You only have to look back at his blind audition to understand why he attracted viewers from the start.

His interpretation of If the world ended was better than the original, and even better than Shaun Mendes’ cover.

He also nailed all subsequent performances because, as his mentor Rita Ora kept pointing out, he was a true storyteller. When he sang, you could feel he meant it.

And Rita made sure she had a winner in the end by choosing the right songs for the contestant. She picked people for her team who were commercially viable and gave them songs you heard on the radio.

Quite simply, no one was going to listen to Jordan Tavita sing Alleluia on the radio, the duet that his mentor Guy Sebastian chose for his finale.

The great ballads sung by Thando Sikwila and Faith Sosene, while incredible, just aren’t where popular music is today – and that’s all that matters.

One of the songs Rita chose for Lachie was déjà vu by Olivia Rodrigo, one of the hottest artists on radio right now.

At first he was put off because it wasn’t his style, but she knew what she was doing and he killed her. The other team finalist he was up against, Xanthe Campbell, also received abcdefu in the semis and even though she too didn’t think it was for her, it’s a song anyone who listens to the radio or has TikTok knows right now.

Maybe 16-year-olds voted for Lachie because of those song choices, but at the end of the day, you can only vote three times.

Meanwhile, the three finalists at the end received songs that most people had never heard.

The only performance that stands out – and probably one of the best The voice has ever seen – was Thando’s interpretation of Chandelier by Sia. Everyone knows this song.

His final performance was Rise up by Andra Day. An inspiring ballad. Yawn.

faith had Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, another boring ballad, and don’t even get me started ghost town that Jordan played. I couldn’t even tell you who sings it.

I totally understand The voice it’s having an amazing voice but what’s the point of the show if we don’t hear them afterwards or they don’t become successful artists?

Let’s face it, do we still hear about any of the winners?

We can only hope the people who voted for Lachie embrace him as an artist.

For all those people complaining that one of the other finalists didn’t win because of their skin color, did you actually vote?

I voted simply because Lachie was my favorite. His voice was different from the others and you got goosebumps when he sang.

It’s disappointing that Australia’s great talent can’t be appreciated for what it is.

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