There are 4 main parenting styles. This is how they affect children

From time to time, a parenting style makes headlines: tethered parenting, helicopter parenting, loose parenting. But in child psychology, based on the work of Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, experts point to four main parenting styles – neglectful, authoritarian, overbearing and permissive – that influence the way children grow and interact.

“Without much intentional thought, parenting styles are often a combination of learned instincts drawn from a parent’s own experience, temperament and role models,” says Rachel Robertson, vice president of education at Bright. Horizons. “That doesn’t mean a parent is stuck with the style that comes most naturally to them, if it’s not ideal.”

She points out that parents can fluctuate between styles depending on the situation — and that by being mindful and intentional, they can make thoughtful choices and create habits that will help them raise their children the way they want.

“Just being aware of effective parenting strategies can help a parent pause and act purposefully at a time when they would otherwise act instinctively or emotionally,” says Robertson. “Parenting is about the moment, but it’s also about the long term – parents raise human beings who we all hope will become full citizens, future leaders, lifelong learners. lifelong and stewards of the future they will inherit.”

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