This rave is about to save Indian Home Diner once and for all

For any Sydneysiders who have heard the recent devastating news about the possible permanent closure of Indian Home Diner, aka the demigods of Oxford Street, you can’t be blamed for feeling a bit blue. But don’t despair, friends. All is not lost.

In a groundbreaking move for one of Sydney’s most beloved culinary institutions, a group of Australia’s biggest names in electronic music, including Cosmo’s Midnight, Flight Facilities solo setman Hugo Gruzman, and the Bag Raiders, are teaming up at Uber Eats on Saturday, May 28 for a massive rave about saving Indian Home Diner, once and for all.

The restaurant is in hot water with Woollahra’s council during its nightly trading hours, which were found to be in breach of its diversion agreement. However, restaurant owner Robert Chowdury said ‘not being able to stay open until 3am is going to cripple my restaurant’. The council recently denied its request to continue operating for extended hours. “I don’t have the means to appeal myself, so I’m extremely grateful to Uber Eats for rallying the support of the community to help me through the process,” Chowdury said.

Electronic music definitely has a very special power, and that’s why Saturday night’s massive rave at the Unicorn Hotel (the Indian Home Diner’s closest neighbor for partying) is shaping up to be a big deal.

Title Rave 2 Save Indian Home DinnerThis festive event will cost you $32.74, with 100% of ticket proceeds going to help the restaurant pay city planners to file another appeal, while also helping the restaurant implement additional management measures to resolve the problems listed by the board.

You can get a limited ticket here, and at the end of the night, be sure to grab yourself a luscious and crispy (and perhaps limited) Indian kebab from the biggest dogs on Oxford Street. You will not regret it.

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