Thomas Bach praises ‘champion’ John Coates as he steps down as AOC president

sydney [Australia]May 1 (ANI): International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach was in Sydney on Saturday as IOC Vice-President John Coates resigned as President of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) after 32 years in the head.

Speaking at the AOC’s Annual General Meeting, Coates told delegates, according to the IOC: “Our Olympic team must always express that Australia is, or at the very least aspires to be, a peaceful society. , cohesive and egalitarian where everyone has a chance. “It is our independent pursuit of the Olympic ideals that allows us to do what we do so well: help Australia pursue its dreams. Today, with a full heart, I thank you for giving me the chance to live mine,” he added.

Paying a personal tribute, President Bach told the participants: “In the Olympic Movement, we know a lot about unique individuals. You may not have the grace and elegance of Cathy Freeman, and you don’t you may not have the dynamism of Dawn Fraser, but you are truly unique”. You have changed the face of the Olympic Movement here in Australia. You are a champion, my friend.” to their home country. He will continue as Honorary Chairman of the AOC and as Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Brisbane 2032.

Later, in a vote at the AGM, the AOC selected Ian Chesterman to replace Coates as head of the organization. (ANI)

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