Thy – Thus – ‘Twas

BWait Down the Hatches! Secure the gold tarpaulin! The mullet is back and the mayhem is riotous as The Traveling Sisters take to the stage at the Malthouse for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Their latest show Thy–Thus–’Twas is fast, funny and farcical physical theater that is fresh, frenetic and original.

The Traveling Sisters are three mates who met in Queensland, studied at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France, before moving to London where they quickly carved out a name for themselves in the UK comedy scene. They have won a swag of awards and performed to sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, no mean feat!

Now in Melbourne the three female comedians – Lucy Fox, El Sachs and Laura Trennery are performing as part of the Malthouse Theatre’s Melbourne comedic feast.

This trio return as Darryl, Vinnie and Berrick, three young bokes with a dream. The lively threesome pounce on to a black curtained stage as three mates with no talent but a whole lot of confidence attempting to create an epic theater show. Their physical antics also stretch to swift costume changes and role swapping as the bokes’ mums.

This award-winning three-some obviously has a faithful following who takes front row seats and eagerly embraces every nonsensical nuance. Those new to this physical phenomenon take a little longer to adjust to the triangular tour-de-force. Nevertheless, the quirky characters are endearing and intriguing, and quickly establish a rapport with all of the audience.

Lucy Fox bounds on to the stage first with a variety of comical stances and sporting a bright orange cascading mullet as Darryl. She is quickly followed by El Sachs ace Berrick and the shenanigans begin. Laura Trennery then enters as the fastidious Vinniea stark contrast to the frenetic antics of his cohorts.

All three are under the direction of Kimberley Twinerwho also helped create this show.

This is physical theater – storytelling primarily through movement. Psychologists say that humans are hard-wired to laugh. But different forms of humor appeal to different audiences.

If physical humor tickles your funny bone thus The Traveling Sistersand particularly their mime crime scene are likely to be just the ticket.

Event details

2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Thy – Thus – ‘Twas
by The Traveling Sisters

Director Kimberley Twiner

Venue: The Malthouse Theater | 113 Sturt Street, Southbank VIC
Dates: 04/12/2022 – 04/24/2022
Tickets: $35 – $32
Reservations: 03 9685 5111 |

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