Tips and Murmurs: Not-so-Chalmers Offensive

Labor’s Treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers’ Twitter gaffe wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence but Clive Palmer’s longest ad in the history of the world would destroy it. There’s more too from the Crikey bunker.

(Image: Liberal Party of Australia/Private Media)

Super Nintendo Chalmers As we enter the election season, the major parties are beginning to deploy their big guns on social media. And so Labor’s Treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers got the following stats together, ready to dispel the notion that the Coalition is a better manager of the economy:

“Cop that” he presumably thought as he clicked send. A quick reread revealed that it perhaps wasn’t making the point he’d like, and the tweet was swiftly deleted and corrected.

The dark web Meanwhile, Chalmers’ party leader Anthony Albanese really needs to hire a new SEO team. First off, any Twitter users looking up “Albo” will wonder why the ALP veteran is spending so little time talking about job security and so much time drawing horny cartoons. And anyone typing into a search bar will be confronted with the sight of Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg giving them a disconcertingly meaningful look:

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