“TOXIC” TRANS SWIMMER: “She compares herself to Jackie Robinson”

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Controversial University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has helped create a “toxic environment” for her team and has said she is the Jackie Robinson of trans sports.

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Of course, the real Robinson has stood up to fierce racism since the day he broke baseball’s color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

Thomas, of course, has Twitter and an army of fanatical scholars and activists behind her.

A teammate who spoke anonymously to The Washington Examiner said Thomas – who broke previous women’s records – is acting with entitlement and has wreaked havoc on the team.

“She compares herself to Jackie Robinson. She said she was like the Jackie Robinson of trans sports,” the teammate told the newspaper.

Jackie Robinson made his professional debut with the AAA Royals of Montreal. The city has a long baseball history. POST MEDIA

Once upon a time, Thomas was a member of the men’s team before the transition. Many think it’s not just because of his size and strength.

“She laughs about it and doesn’t care about the situation,” the teammate told the Examiner.

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“Instead of caring or showing that she cares about what she is doing or what she is doing to her teammates, she is not sympathetic or empathetic at all. Lia has never addressed our team. She never asked if we were okay. She never asked how we felt. She never tried to explain how she felt. She never told us as a group. She never talked about anything.

Lia Thomas is pictured in a recent photo posted to the UPenn Swimming and Diving Instagram post.
Lia Thomas is pictured in a recent photo posted to the UPenn Swimming and Diving Instagram post. Photo by UPenn Swimming and Diving /instagram

The teammate added, “All she does is make comments to people like, ‘At least I’m still No. 1 in the country’ and that arrogant stuff. She doesn’t care how it all affects us and how it affects our relationship to swimming. She doesn’t care, and it’s really hard to love her.

Also, Thomas would ignore dress codes.

Last week, Thomas lost a race to Iszac Henig, a trans athlete from Yale University who swims on the women’s team.



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