Trusting police to ‘deal with the bad guys’ was ‘not the case’ with Uvalde shooting

Authorities’ failure to respond quickly to Uvalde school shooting encourages law-abiding citizens to ‘get a gun to do what the police refuse to do’, Sky host says News, James Morrow.

His remarks come after a group of police stood outside the school for around 40 minutes while the shooter remained inside.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw said it was the officers’ “bad decision” not to immediately break into a classroom door.

“The big argument of the anti-gun lobby has always been that ‘only law enforcement needs guns’, ‘the police will protect you’ and ‘everything will be safer if you just let the cops get away’. deal with the bad guys’,” Mr. Morrow said.

“Well, that’s clearly not always the case.”

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