Tsunami in Tonga: a volcanic eruption triggers a huge shock wave felt hundreds of kilometers away | World | News

A video posted on social media shows large waves crashing into coastal areas. The Tonga Meteorological Service says a tsunami warning has been issued to cover the entire island.

New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency tweeted: “We have issued a NATIONAL ADVISORY: TSUNAMI ACTIVITY following the Tonga eruption.

“We expect New Zealand coastal areas on the north and east coasts of the North Island and Chatham Islands to experience strong and unusual currents and unpredictable shore surges.”

Reuters reports that tsunami waves measuring two feet in height were observed by sea level gauges in the capital of the US territory of American Samoa following volcanic activity in Tonga, the warning center said. to Pacific Tsunamis based in the United States.

The tsunami observer said in a statement that the tsunami threat continues and sea level fluctuations and strong ocean currents pose risks along beaches and harbours.

A video shared on social media by BNO News shows the sky turning black.

BNO News tweeted: “Sky turns black as volcano eruption and tsunami hit Tonga.”

Australia’s 9 News reported satellite images showing the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano erupting on Saturday evening local time after sustained volcanic activity in the area since Friday.

Jared Silverman tweeted alongside a satellite recorded clip of the eruption: “As a meteorologist I’ve seen a lot from satellite. None as scary as this volcanic eruption in Tonga!”


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