Ukrainian MP sends EU ultimatum if ‘shield’ doesn’t stop Putin ‘Imagine if we fail’ | World | News

Ukrainian Voice party leader Kira Rudik spoke to about the situation on her country’s border and how Russian aggression won’t stop with them. Ms Rudik said Vladimir Putin “wouldn’t stop” just at Ukraine as he would continue to expand his “spheres of influence” as she demanded more help to fight Russia. Ms Rudik said she “didn’t want to think” about what would happen if Ukraine failed in its defensive mission and warned EU countries that Russia would come for them too.

Speaking to following talks between the US and Russia this week, Ms Rudik issued a stern warning to European nations that the situation in Ukraine was not as ‘far out’ as many think so.

She explained, “So we fully understand that the only way forward is for us to continue this. [negotiation] path.

“Here we are again waiting for all partners and NATO countries and EU countries and the United States.

“We expect there to be support to help on this path because if Ukraine fails, Putin can carry out his plan.

“We see it right now and Ukraine and I think Georgia are two countries right now where this fight is going on.

“Finally, for EU countries, Ukraine is currently a democratic shield, imagine what would happen if we failed.

“I don’t want to think about it but it would mean that European countries will have the aggressor on their border.

“And we know how it is and I would tell you generally it’s not a pleasant situation.”

US officials met with Russia in Geneva earlier this week to discuss Russian requests to de-escalate military exercises near the Ukrainian border.

Russia demands that Ukraine be prevented from joining NATO and that the alliance end its eastward expansion.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told Russia that barring Ukraine’s NATO membership was a failure because further talks are about to take place.

Both Mr. Klitschko and Ms. Rudik were frustrated that the talks did not involve Ukraine as a big partner.

The former boxer said: “Everyone is talking about Ukraine, without Ukraine.”

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