United keen to lock down ‘ambitious’ Aloisi

Western United are keen to lock down Championship-winning mentor John Aloisi, well aware the ‘ambitious’ manager is set to attract attention, including a potential Socceroos approach.

Halfway through his two-season contract, Aloisi took United from 10th place to champions and has been credited with overhauling the club’s culture.

United have yet to hold contract extension talks with Aloisi, but director of football Steve Horvat and chief executive Chris Pehlivanis have both said it will happen “in due course”.

“These conversations will happen in due course because I really think we’ve built something really special this season and it’s really important now that we don’t rest on our laurels, that we build from here.” , Horvat told reporters on Sunday.

“We want to keep the best people at this football club and obviously one of those people is John Aloisi, so that’s definitely a priority for us.

“We knew coming in that John is a very ambitious coach.

“I don’t think he’s set on winning an Australian title. He has his sights set on what Ange (Postecoglou) and other coaches are doing in their space.

“We will never retain players, coaches, people who want to step up, but we will try to keep everyone we can.”

On Sunday, Aloisi reiterated his desire to stay at United, while outlining his long-term ambitions.

“I never hesitated to want to reach the top as a coach,” said Aloisi.

“I hope that one day I will be good enough to be able to move to another level abroad.

“But at the moment, where I live in Australia, I would like to stay with Western United.”

Aloisi is said to be undecided whether he will be a ‘runner’ in the race for the next Socceroos manager.

“I don’t know. Listen, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to coach the national team because I would like to because that’s the pinnacle for a player and also a coach,” he said. declared.

“But if they would even approach me, I don’t know. I’m not even thinking about it right now.”

Pehlivanis noted that Aloisi’s ambitions meant a particularly long-term deal might not be in either party’s interest.

“I need to understand what John’s vision is and there’s no point in signing a five-year contract if in two years he wants to be Socceroos manager or if he wants to be abroad,” Pehlivanis said.

“But I want to help him on this journey because that’s when we do our job.”

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