US ‘concerned’ over UN rights chief’s visit to China


“We are further troubled by reports that residents of Xinjiang have been warned not to complain or speak openly about conditions in the region, that no information has been provided on the fate of hundreds of missing Uyghurs. and on the conditions of detention of more than a million people,” Blinken said. said.

“The High Commissioner should have been allowed to meet family members of Uyghurs and other ethnic minority communities in the Xinjiang diaspora who are not in detention centers but are not allowed to go outside. of the region.”

Bachelet’s remarks were also swiftly criticized by activists and NGOs, who accused her of providing Beijing with a major propaganda victory.

“Resigning is the only meaningful thing she can do for the Human Rights Council,” said Dilxat Raxit, spokesperson for the advocacy group World Uyghur Congress, while the Uyghur activist based in the states United Rayhan Asat called it a “total betrayal” on Twitter.

The trip included a virtual meeting with President Xi Jinping during which state media suggested Bachelet supported China’s view of human rights.

His office later clarified that his remarks did not contain direct endorsement of China’s rights record.

Witnesses and rights groups say more than a million people have been held in indoctrination camps in the western region of China that aim to destroy the Islamic culture of the Uyghurs and integrate them of force in the Han majority of China.

Beijing denies the allegations and says it offers vocational training to reduce the potential for Islamist extremism.

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