Vancouver Black Library is looking for volunteers

There are a number of opportunities with this exciting new venture.

The Vancouver Black Library, a project that began in February 2022, is well advanced and continues to expand its goals and mandate.

Founders Maya Preyshon and Simon Grefiel came up with the idea of ​​bringing Vancouver’s fractured black community together. At the Center for Contemporary Asian Art, there is a library connected to the gallery which inspired them to create a space that showcases black literature and writing while providing a place to gather and interact.

So far, the VBL has raised over $35,000 of its $60,000 goal and released renders of the space currently under construction.

In a recent Instagram post, VBL asked for volunteers to help catalog, tag and put away books, drivers and trucks to help transport books and building materials, and labor of construction. They are also looking for grant writers.

Black history will make up much of VBL’s literature and resources, but the founders are clear that trauma and injury in the community will not be the foundation of the project. Instead, it’s a space born of black joy and optimism.

Volunteers can fill out an intake form so the VBL can get an idea of ​​the skills of their volunteer community, then people will be added to a Discord server or contacted directly about cataloging opportunities and nights taking place in a near future.

With files by Brendan Kergin

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