Virus death toll in China may actually be 17,000% higher than admitted in Covid cover-up, analyst says

CHINA’s coronavirus death toll could actually be 17,000% higher than admitted in a shocking cover-up, an analyst has claimed.

The true Covid death toll in the country is feared to be around 1.7 million against the 4,636 reported by Chinese authorities – despite the world’s strictest lockdown.


China’s true Covid death toll is feared to be 17,000% higher than expected
Citizens have been forced into the world's toughest lockdown


Citizens have been forced into the world’s toughest lockdown

George Calhoun, director of the quantitative finance program at Stevens Institute of Technology, said the regime likely recorded fewer deaths as part of a systematic data suppression in an effort to preserve its political image.

The expert, who studied data generated by a model developed by The Economist, told The Epoch Times that China’s official numbers are “statistically impossible.”

Since April 2020, when the majority of deaths were reported in Wuhan, only two deaths have been officially recorded by authorities in Beijing – ranking China as having the fewest Covid-related deaths in the world.

“It’s impossible. It’s medically impossible, it’s statistically impossible,” Calhoun told the outlet.

“Remember, in 2020 there was no vaccine, there was no treatment. So you had an unprotected population that showed no deaths from Covid, although they had dozens thousands of cases.

More than 22,000 Covid cases have been reported in mainland China during this period, according to data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

But based on The Economist’s model, Mr Calhoun claimed China’s official death toll was around 17,000% lower.

This is not the first time that China has been accused of failing to report deaths.

A Chinese professor expelled from the Communist Party has previously insisted the coronavirus death toll has been covered up.

Cai Xia, who taught at China’s elite Central Party school, questioned President Xi Jinping and the country’s coronavirus statistics.

And those living in Wuhan – the original epicenter of the virus – also worried that death figures were hidden at the start of the pandemic.

Residents of hard-hit Wuhan believed around 42,000 people had been killed by the airborne virus in March 2020 – compared to 3,000 to 4,000 claimed by the state.

Locals pointed to the fact that around 500 urns were being delivered to grieving families every day from seven funeral homes based in the huge city in Hubei province.

It comes as China continues to report a growing number of Covid cases.


The country is desperately clinging to its ‘zero tolerance’ strategy with 13 million people banned from leaving – but new infections continue to rise.

It ended the last week of 2021 with the highest number of local cases over a seven-day period since conquering the country’s first outbreak nearly two years ago.

The National Health Commission reported 175 new community infections with confirmed symptoms on January 1, bringing the total number of local symptomatic cases in mainland China to 1,151 last week.

The outbreak was mainly caused by an outbreak in the northwest industrial and technological hub of Xian.

It shows few signs of easing despite the city of 13 million being locked down with draconian restrictions.

The brutal measures include a ban on leaving the house – even for essential reasons like buying food – as well as strict border controls and lengthy quarantines.

Residents are also being subjected to an extensive round of citywide testing, while schools and businesses are closed.

China has even built a network of massive quarantine camps where thousands of people are isolated in tiny metal boxes as part of the Communist Party’s ruthless and over-the-top “Zero Covid” strategy where one case is enough to trigger a crackdown.

Massive sprawling complexes of simple metal cabins have been built to shelter those who fear they may have been exposed to the virus.about:blank

China proudly showed off these facilities in stage-organized photo ops.

But there have been various reports of citizens being transported by bus to these quarantine camps – with periods of isolation of up to two weeks.

Images from Chinese social media show a dystopian vision, with people being held in tiny boxes with just a simple wooden bed and a toilet.

Other unverified videos show men in hazmat suits handing out food to those detained inside the facilities.

Residents undergo extensive rounds of citywide testing


Residents undergo extensive rounds of citywide testing
Chinese authorities ‘search homes at midnight and put people on buses to quarantine camps’ under world’s toughest lockdown

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