Wales: Food stall advert is definitely a unique selling point

A food stand for Welsh Italian Pizza which appears to read 'well sh*t alian pizza' instead

It certainly looks like an interesting food innovation (Picture: Kennedy News)

If you were a little green guy from outer space, what kind of pizza would you make?

Maybe with a few dustings of moon rock like parmesan and interstellar bacteria mixed into the tomato paste.

We’re sure your space pizza would be delicious. Molto bene with maybe some molten rock to spice things up.

But maybe some aliens wouldn’t be so conscientious about their flavor pairings.

In that case, you might end up with… well, alien pizza.

(Some aliens might have trouble spelling as well as cooking).

It’s the sort of thing mentioned by a company in South Wales that sells street food under the name of Welsh Italian Pizza.

People grabbing a snack at a bridal show held at the Newport International Convention Center last month were surprised to see their booth due to its unusual announcement.

An online article calling it the

The sign caught people’s attention (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

The company's website

Oh yeah, that name makes more sense (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

Their gazebo displayed their website at the top, presenting it in such a way that the URL appeared as “wel sht alian pizza”.

People shared photos online finding the whole thing hilarious, saying it reminded them of the infamous double-meaning hashtag #susanalbumparty. The campaign was used in 2012 to promote Susan Boyle’s new album, not something that might be quite different.

Some shared footage of aliens eating pizza to poke fun at the blunder.

Tech entrepreneur Adrian Wright shared the snap on LinkedIn with the caption, “Possibly the worst domain name URL I’ve seen.

But a spokesperson for Welsh Italian Pizza took it in good spirits.

They said they hadn’t anticipated the website’s error, as they typically use camel colors or case (starting each new word with a single capital letter so they can be distinguished if it isn’t). there is no space between them).

They said: “It wasn’t originally planned like this as we use camel cases and colors to separate most of our marketing.

“But for the gazebo, which is primarily for street food events and festivals, we thought it would be a fun thing to do.”

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