Warning of blizzards and high winds as the mild spell draws to a close

Parts of the UK will experience localized blizzard conditions and winds of up to 80 mph as mild seasonal peaks in recent days are replaced by a cold front.

Tuesday will be “noticeably colder across the country,” the Met Office said, with temperatures peaking at 8C or 9C in the south and around 4C or 5C in Scotland.

In England, it could bring snow to the Pennines and the North York heathlands, but it will be “pretty wet things,” forecaster Simon Partridge said.

But in Aberdeenshire and northern and eastern Scotland, winds of up to 80 mph could create ‘localized blizzard conditions’, with the Met Office issuing snow and ice warnings to travelers.

Aviemore, Scotland, saw two inches of snow on Monday, which would add to overnight, Mr Partridge said, suggesting it could be “good news” for the ski resorts in the town of Cairngorms.

“But I’m not sure they’ll be too happy with the force of the wind,” he added.

Elsewhere in Lincolnshire or the Pennines, any snow is likely to be “slush” for the next few days.

Mr Partridge said those in the south will also feel the cold on Tuesday, as winds could make the temperature much more severe by 8C.

“It will definitely be colder, so if you go out, consider an extra layer tomorrow. [Tuesday] … You might need anything to protect yourself from the wind because it won’t be pretty, ”he added.

Wednesday in the west is likely to be a “dry and bright day” as the winds subside, with few showers, but Thursday will see a “rain band” set in, with freezing temperatures overnight.

Southern cities could face temperatures of minus 4C Thursday morning.

Mr Partridge said: “That’s basically what we should have for this time in January; it’s just that we’ve been so gentle for so long that it suddenly shocked the system a little bit.

Warm mid-Atlantic winds caused temperatures to hover around 16C in parts of the UK at the start of the year, making it New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Hottest years ever.

The UK Health Security Agency has urged people to check vulnerable people in the coming days.

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