Wells Fargo Reflect Map Review

0% introductory APR up to 21 months (both on purchases and balance transfers) – This is where the Wells Fargo Reflect℠ card simply can’t be beat. The card begins with an introductory 0% APR on qualifying purchases and balance transfers for 18 months. To make it even better, you can get an introductory APR extension of up to three months, for a total of 21 months. All you need to do is make minimum payments on time during the introductory and extended periods.

It should be noted that the introductory APR applies to balance transfers made within 120 days of opening the account. There is also a balance transfer fee of 3% ($ 5 minimum) on transfers made within the first 120 days and 5% ($ 5 minimum) on transfers made afterwards. These fee amounts are standard among balance transfer credit cards.

No annual fee – The Wells Fargo Reflect℠ card is designed to help you save money on both credit card interest and other fees. Since this is a no annual fee card, you don’t need to pay an annual fee to have it.

Cell Phone Protection – When you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your qualifying Wells Fargo credit card, you get up to $ 600 in cell phone protection (subject to a $ 25 deductible). It’s one of those underrated credit card benefits. You don’t need to pay for cell phone insurance out of pocket, and you can still have the peace of mind that your phone is protected.

Special offers — With My Wells Fargo Deals, you can earn cash back credits on purchases, meals, and experiences that you pay with your eligible Wells Fargo card.

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