What do two Stittsville Cub members, 100 Tomato Plants and the Stittsville Food Bank have in common? – Downtown Stittsville

(These two Stittsville Cub members, Shawn (l) and Tyler (r), have been busy this spring tending to the 100 tomato seeds they planted for their community service project in support of the bank Stittsville food store (Photo: submitted)

In their final year as Cubs with the 1st Stittsville Boy Scout Troop, Tyler and Shawn are working diligently on their community service project. to receive this Cub badge. This is how it all started…

Tyler told us: “the idea was my mother’s”. The idea of ​​their project all started in Tyler’s garden last year when his mother, Linda, had an idea. With the multitude of vegetables they had grown in 2021, why not grow even more than they need this year for a fundraiser.

This spring the idea took off and Tyler invited his good friend Shawn to team up with him so that together they could work on their community service project for the 1st Stittsville Scout Group. They also decided that the the money they raised through donations for their tomato plants would be in favor of the Stittsville Food Bank. The need is great at the food bank and these two boys knew they could help. They instantly became young entrepreneurs.

(Just a snapshot of some of the tomato plants Shawn and Tyler tended to all spring.)

With a little help getting supplies and some growing tips on starting seeds from Shawn’s dad, MJ, and Tyler’s dad, Rollis, the boys got to work. they planted 100 seeds of two varieties – 50 Big Beef Hybrid & 50 Super Sweet – and to the astonishment of the boys everything started to appear in the soil. The boys tended to the plants to make sure they would be ready to add to people’s gardens in time for spring planting. They repotted the 100 plants individually into cups and clearly marked each type you receive on the cup.

(The tomato plants are ready to go!)

Now the plants are ready to be planted in your garden. The plants were distributed with half at Tyler and the rest at Shawn. You can place your order stating how many you want and the variety by simply sending a PM to their Facebook page – The Tomatoes to Tables Project. You can donate by cash or electronic transfer for your convenience, so please indicate the payment method when ordering.

Before heading to garden centers for your tomato plants, we strongly recommend that you support Shawn and Tyler as they work for their community service badge while supporting the Stittsville Food Bank. A win-win scenario!

Stittsville Central was happy to support this project – the tomato plants look great – and Tyler was beaming, said a very sincere “thank you”when we exchanged our gift for our six plants.


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