What does the increased prevalence of omicron mean?

Mona Al Hammoudi (Abu Dhabi)

Farida Al Hosani, executive director of the infectious disease sector at the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center, said: “The increased spread of the ‘Omicron’ mutant means that our commitment to preventive measures has become more important than the previous period, and we must be careful to wear a mask, avoid crowded places and focus more on vaccination. “
She added, “We have noticed in recent times that people in society have come back to practice certain habits such as shaking hands and others, which are bad practices, and there is a need to come back to the measures. preventive measures that have avoided infection with the virus. “
Regarding the ability of the “Omicron” mutant to be transmitted, Dr Farida Al-Hosani stressed that changing the virus each time results in a modification of its components, and therefore of the characteristics of the virus. Noting that global studies show that the Omicron mutant has a greater ability to spread faster than the “Delta” mutant, which has contributed to its global spread in a very short time.

mutant omicron
Dr Farida Al-Hosani explained that the “Omicron” mutant is a type of mutant affiliated with the SARS-CoV2 virus, and as everyone knows, corona viruses are not stable and change continuously, as well as their genetic components. , and with the increase in the number of infected cases, the chances of mutation and genetic change of the virus are greater. . Stressing that the recent evolution of the virus and the high number of cases observed in some countries have caused the emergence of the “Omicron” mutant.
Dr Farida Al-Hosani underlined the importance of vaccinations, which during the last period have greatly contributed to the return to normal life, the return of employees to the workplace and the return of students to study seats. , in addition to the return of a part of our normal life. Noting that the world is facing an increase in the number of cases caused by the “Omicron” mutant, and therefore the role of vaccinations is very important in preventing injury, and the supporting dose should be taken on time without complacency or delay.
She underlined the importance of the role of the members of the community in following the preventive measures because of their pivotal and important role in the preservation of their health and the preservation of the gains obtained by the State during the previous period of control. against the pandemic.


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