What is a superyacht, how much do they cost and what other yachts are there?

The Flying Fox superyacht moored in the port of Don Diego in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic

Superyachts are often luxury liners filled with opulent features such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, entertainment areas, and more. (Photo: Getty Images)

Considered a status symbol for billionaires, yachts are often seen decked out in the finest things money can buy, from luxury swimming pools to dazzling chandeliers and an army of staff to attend to your every need.

While the average passer-by may not be able to tell one yacht from another, there is a whole scale of differentiation of the type of yacht you own behind the scenes – whether it’s a superyacht, d a mega yacht or a gigantic gigayacht.

But what exactly is a superyacht? And how much does it cost to own one?

What is a superyacht?

Although there is no fixed definition of a superyacht, it can be narrowed down to meet a few criteria.

Different terms are used by some boat builders and yacht brokers to classify these luxury vessels according to their length.

Yachting Pages defines a superyacht as a luxurious, professionally crewed motor or sailing yacht with a load line length of 79 feet or more.

The crew of a superyacht operate 24/7 and often live in quarters on the boat, including a captain, chefs, interior staff, deck crew and engineers to ensure smooth running. vessel operation.

These luxury liners often feature large guest areas and rooms for entertaining, as well as facilities such as swimming pools, bars, gyms, etc.

Superyachts can only be used by their owners or can be chartered for others to travel and enjoy the luxuries they have to offer.

A 74 meter long luxury yacht moored at Crust Port in the Mugla Turkiya district of Marmaris

The average superyacht will set you back over £200m. (Photo: Getty Images)

How much do they cost?

The average superyacht can cost between tens and hundreds of millions of pounds.

According to a report by Towergate Insurance, a 100m superyacht with a top speed of 25 knots and 50 crew is expected to cost around $275m (£218m).

This does not include additional costs such as mooring fees, staff salaries, insurance, maintenance and repairs.

Flying Fish Online estimates the cost of building a luxury yacht at £1 million per metre.

What other types of yachts are there?

In addition to superyachts, you can find megayachts and even gigayachts.

A megayacht is generally a vessel over 200 feet in length, while the relatively new term gigayacht describes yachts over 300 feet in length.

Gigayachts are among the largest and most expensive yachts in the world, with the AZZAM gigayacht being 590 feet long.

If you own a luxury craft that is less than 39 feet long, it is usually called a cruiser or simply a cruiser.

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