What you need to know about your uni offer

Here is everything graduates need to know about their upcoming university offers from one of 33 providers across the state.When will I receive my offer? The first round of course placements will be released on Friday January 14.In previous years, most students have received their offers in the morning, but Victoria’s tertiary admissions body, the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Center (VTAC), will publish a full list of every offer made at 2pm. How can I view my offer? Students who received a first round offer will get an email containing details of the institution making the offer and the course type being offered. Other students may have also opted to receive their course preference via text. When VTAC makes the list of offers public at 2pm, graduates can search for their name and course online. The Herald Sun will publish a searchable database of first round offers released by VTAC.CHECK YOUR UNI OFFER FROM 2PM FRIDAY AT HERALDSUN.COM.AU How do I accept my offer? Students must follow instructions their institution emails to them directly. Some applicants may be required to attend an appointment to enroll in their degree at a specific date and time provided by the institution. Is accepting the offer the same as enrolling in the course? Receiving an offer does not automatically guarantee your place in the course. Once you have completed the acceptance process, additional instructions on how to enrol will also be emailed to you. Institutions will also have cut off dates that you need to enrol by, as the course will not hold your place if you attempt to complete your enrolment after the set date and time. cent of offers are made during the first round on January 14, but try not to panic. While the number of offers made after round one depends on availability and quotas, VTAC will continue processing applications throughout the next rounds of offers. .Additional offers will be made on: February 1February 8February 14February 21To make sure VTAC considers your application in upcoming rounds, log into your VTAC account and opt into being considered for other offers by selecting ‘yes’ before 10am on Tuesday February 1.I don ‘t like the offer I received – what now? You should still accept any offer to a course even though it might not be your first preference. VTAC encourages all students to accept the offer they receive, even if they would like to wait for any additional offers in February, because there is no guarantee you’ll be offered a place in another course during a later round. for a preference lower than number one, then you will automaticallybe considered for any higher preferences in a future round. Even if you change your preferences, all eight preferences will still be considered by VTAC throughout all the offer rounds. Change of preference will reopen after each offer round, and close before the next one. How do I change my preferences? While change of preference is open, you can add, remove, and reorder your preferences as many times as you like by logging into your VTAC account.Will accepting my first offer affect my chances of receiving a higher course preference? Accepting an offer does not affect your chance of receiving a higher preference course offer in the next round. What should I do? Again, don’t risk it. Students should accept the course offer they receive from VTAC to make sure they don’t miss out on a spot at their institution of choice. Australian Center for Career Education chief executive Bernadette Gigliotti said it’s better to be safe than sorry. “It could be that they have offered their second or third choice at their chosen university or institution. Sometimes that’s important, too, because once they’re in the institution of choice, then they can perform well in the degree that they’ve accepted, then there’s potential to transfer into perhaps the degree that they wanted to do down the track, ” she said. What if I get a better offer in a later round? Once you’ve enrolled in the new course, you will need to withdraw your enrollment for any previous offer. Can I defer my course? Not all courses will allow you to delay your start date. But in most cases, you will be able to defer your place until the following semester or next year. Contact your institution directly for directions on how to formally defer. You will most likely need to submit your request in writing and complete an official form. Some courses will require you to attend enrolment to begin the deferral process. They are offered to applicants whohave: • not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds • not applied to the course offered • met the prerequisites for the course offered, and • given VTAC permission to release their VTAC application to allcourses with vacancies. If there are still places available in courses after February round 1, someinstitutions will make supplementary offers to domestic applicants. permission to include your details in its public list that is provided to news outlets and made available online on the admission body’s website.

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