Where elections will be won and lost for Labour, Liberals

Saturday night’s election will be a close seat-by-seat battle. Here’s where to look.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese in Perth, Monday May 16, 2022 (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Three days to go. Finally, Labour’s deceptively comfortable lead in the opinion polls has started to shrink in recent days, even though around 15% of eligible voters have already voted early.

All of which means we’re going to have a long night this Saturday, resulting in a handful of key marginal seats. Here is where the election will be won and lost:

Workforce goals

These are some of the most fringe seats in the Coalition, and if Labor does not win them, forming the government will be a real struggle. Both parties have invested resources in Low in northern Tasmania (Lib +0.4%), the government’s tightest.

Learn more about seats to watch out for…

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