Woman realizes she loaded Aldi shop into wrong car after her items were returned

A woman from Dumfries discovered that she had loaded her supermarket shop into the wrong car when she returned home to find that her boot was empty.

Sarah Cowan, 48, had completed a £ 75 shop at her local Aldi in Dumfries and, after unpacking the bags into what she thought was her silver Nissan Qashqai, went to return her shopping trolley.

Ms Cowan then got into her car and drove home but was surprised to find that, when she opened the boot to her car, it was empty.

It was at this point that the hotel worker realized she must have packed her shopping into someone else’s boot.

It transpired that Ms Cowan had mistaken another silver Nissan Qashqai, which was parked next to hers, for her own car.

After contacting Aldi to see if she could locate her shopping, which was worth £ 250, she discovered that someone had handed her items in.

“It was such a lovely surprise, I couldn’t believe that someone had handed them in,” she said.

“It just goes to show that there are some good people still out there.

“With the state of how the whole world is at the moment, its been so lovely to see such a kind gesture.

“I’m so grateful to get not only the shopping back, but my handbag too – it was the last present from my late grandfather so had great sentimental value too.”

Ms Cowan went on to explain how she had gone to Aldi after a long shift at work.

“I was absolutely exhausted and just wanted to go home,” she said.

“I did the food shop as quick as I could and thought I’d milk it so told [my husband] Darren he had to run me a nice, hot bath to come home to.

“My car is a new one and you don’t need to press anything on your keys to open the car, it just unlocks as you walk towards it with the keys still in your pocket.

“I opened the boot and saw that it looked slightly different to normal. It was like the bottom where the spare wheel usually is had been moved, so I wondered why Darren had done that. ”

She added: “I honestly thought I’d lost everything.

“I rang customer services and explained the weird situation, but couldn’t believe it when they said someone had handed the lot in.

“I sent Darren to collect everything straight away but just wish I knew who the honest, kind stranger was so I could send them flowers or something.”

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