Women’s football committee reviews development plan

Dubai (Etihad

The Women’s Football Committee held its periodic meeting, at the headquarters of the Dubai Football Association, chaired by Amal Bushlakh, member of the board of directors, and in the presence of Aisha Saif Al Qamzi, vice-chair of the committee, Sheikha Muhammad Al Zaabi, Ghalia Abdullah Al Mazmi and Abeer Muhammad Al Khaja, members of the Committee.
The committee’s agenda began with the adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting, at the end of which the committee considered its plan to develop women’s football activity at all levels, during of the coming period, with the help of one of the FIFA experts, and to benefit from his expertise in defining a strategy for the targeted development process.
The committee was informed of the technical program of the Brazilian Camila Orlando, coach of our national women’s teams, which will be implemented in the next gatherings, with a full evaluation process for each step to determine the extent of her goals. desired.
The committee reviewed the distinguished launch of the Women’s Football League competition, which coincided with the country’s 50th Union Day celebrations, and made arrangements for the resumption of matches from the second week of the Friday Women’s Football League competition.


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