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Innovative green solutions around the world

Twenty years ago, I was in Beijing on business and stayed in an upscale hotel with no potable water available at the bathroom taps. It was apparently typical of Beijing being a thirsty desert city, but what wasn’t typical was that the civil engineers had cleverly arranged for the toilet tank to be refreshed from gray water from the shower.


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An ingenious water conservation tactic, but not a method I have yet seen adopted on this continent.

Bruce Chrumka, Calgary

Uncivil behavior in patients

On January 10, I was discharged from the Cardiology Unit at Foothills Hospital after a three week stay. It was not related to the pandemic/COVID-19. Even to the untrained eye, it was obvious they were understaffed, likely due to pandemic-related illnesses.

What I observed, and to my dismay, was part of the patient population was completely and utterly disrespectful to the nursing staff. To the point of being dismissive. I consider this almost criminal behavior and suspect that many of these same people are also refusing to get vaccinated.


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No reason for the board to stack

D: “A very disappointing result”: the city council grills the civil servants on arena deal failure, January 13

I find it distressing how people are jumping on the mayor and council about the death of the arena. It’s just a bunch of businessmen trying to renegotiate a bad deal. If it’s such a good investment, why don’t the Flames launch an IPO? Then supporters and columnists can invest their own money.

If the city can find other partners who would negotiate in good faith, fine. Otherwise, there are more important things for taxes.

The bill violates the rights

D: UCP plans to attack our basic rights – we cannot allow this, Opinion, 11 January

Thanks to Licia Corbella, for her informative article regarding the UCP government’s intention to pass the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act or Bill 21 on February 1, 2022.


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It was shocking to learn of this law which will violate the constitutional rights of Albertans by denying them the right to presumption of innocence and the right to due process when falsely accused of a traffic violation.

It is appalling that the UCP government intends to limit Albertans to seven days to decide whether they must pay a non-refundable fee of $50 or $150 to have the right to prove their innocence of an offense road to a referee by telephone.

It is undemocratic, a violation of the rights and freedoms of Albertans and a cash cow for the provincial government. This is simply wrong and must be stopped.

As suggested in his article, I wrote to the Prime Minister and contacted my MP to express my objections. I hope other Albertans will do the same.

A. Hermann, Calgary


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Founded by poor service

While enjoying Christmas in the UK, I found it necessary to change the date of my return to Calgary. As my return was the second leg of the flight, it was impossible to arrange online. As a result, my family and I spent a fully documented 22.5 hours on hold with WestJet for five days trying to change or cancel my flight. Without pickup. This required a return flight with Air Canada.

Also, I am currently unable to make contact to discuss compensation as their ‘reminder’ service is not working.

Is the new CEO aware of the level of service Canada’s friendly airline provides? Blaming COVID can only go so far.

Robert S. Johnson, Calgary

the long way

Re: Country’s oil sands outlook improves as competitors pull back, Jan 11


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Why does Ottawa hate Canada so much? We read that the reversal of the Capline Pipeline results in “providing Canadian producers with a new export route to Asia and other markets”. We ship our oil 1,500 kilometers south so it can be loaded onto a tanker, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean. A more logical and cheaper route would be a pipeline to Prince Rupert. Oh, that was canceled in 2016 by our federal government.

Americans win with jobs and taxes, while Canada loses investments, jobs, royalties and taxes.

Paul Gagnon, Calgary

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